Taking and Passing the THEA Test

To pass the THEA Test, you must pass all three sections (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing). You may take one, two, or three sections at a given test administration. Once you pass a section of the test, you do not have to take that section again unless directed to retake it by your institution.

For consistency, test scores are reported using the same scale, in a range from 100 to 300. The minimum score needed to pass the Reading and Mathematics Sections is 230. For the Writing Section, the minimum passing score is 220.

Retaking the THEA Test

If you do not pass one or more sections of the THEA Test, you may retake that section using the THEA Quick Test. For a list of THEA Quick Test sites, see "Quick Test Sites" on the THEA Web site.

If you are retaking only one or two sections, you will have the entire testing session to complete whichever section(s) you have not previously passed.