How to Read Your Score Report

Your score report shows your score on each section of the THEA Test and indicates how you performed on the THEA Test skills in each section. It also includes a description of your performance on the skills measured by each section of the test. This will provide information for you to use in identifying your areas of strength and weakness. If you do not pass a section of the test, this information will be particularly useful to you when you prepare to take that section again. If you do not pass the Writing Section, the features of your writing that need improvement will be noted on your score report in the section below your writing sample score.

How Scores Are Determined for the THEA IBT

The Reading and Mathematics sections and the multiple-choice portion of the Writing Section are scored electronically. Your scores reflect the number of questions you answered correctly.

The writing sample on the Writing Section is electronically scored using the Intelligent Essay Assessor (IEA). This technology provides scores for most writing samples almost immediately, allowing you to receive your Writing Section score at the test center. Occasionally, IEA will be unable to assign a score to a writing sample response. In these cases, the response will be scored by a trained human scorer within two business days. Responses that are completely off topic, illegible, written in a language other than English, or otherwise unscorable receive a score of U (unscorable).

Your writing sample is scored on a 4-point scale, and this score is combined with your score on the Writing multiple-choice items to determine your total Writing Section score. This score is reported on the 100–300 scale like the Reading and Mathematics section scores. Your performance on both the writing sample and the Writing multiple-choice items will be used to determine your total Writing Section score.