When to Take the THEA Test

Students Entering a Texas Public College or University

Students entering a Texas public college or university may need to take the THEA Test before enrolling in any college-level coursework. For information about whether you are exempt from testing, contact either the testing office or the advising office at the Texas college or university you currently attend or plan to attend.

Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Students

Texas high school students planning to enroll in college courses that count for both high school and college credit under their school's dual credit or concurrent enrollment program are required to meet the program's eligibility requirements. These requirements may include passing the THEA Test. Consult with your high school academic advisor to determine whether you need to take the THEA Test as part of the requirements for entry into a dual credit or concurrent enrollment program.

Students Seeking Admission to an Educator Preparation Program

All students seeking admission to a state-approved Texas educator preparation program or alternative certification program are required to demonstrate college-level skills in reading, oral and written communication, critical thinking, and mathematics.

All educator preparation students should contact their educator preparation programs directly to determine admission requirements.

Educators Revalidating Their Teaching Certificates

House Bill 72, passed by the Texas Legislature in 1984, mandated that all persons issued valid Texas teaching certificates prior to February 1, 1986, must pass the Texas Examination of Current Administrators and Teachers (TECAT) to continue their certification. In lieu of the TECAT, which was discontinued in June 2000, an educator may now take the Reading and Writing sections of the THEA Test or a state-approved teacher certification examination to revalidate his or her teaching certificate.